Your Listing

Why do my pictures look fuzzy or pixelated?

A common cause of fuzzy or pixelated photographs is due to the size of an image. Our website reduces the size of all images to 400 pixels wide (just under half the width of a regular screen). If your image is too small or is of too low a resolution, this can make your images appear less sharp. Try to upload images with a higher resolution.

Am I able to see viewing statistics regarding my listing?

Yes. We want you to see how valuable our site is as a tool in advertising your property, so we have built in an Inquiry Log, which you can access in your owner management system.

Why do renters need to press a "Contact Owner" button to see my details?

In order to allow us to count the number of people viewing your contact details and to prevent your contact information from being harvested by third parties downloading website software, we have built the Contact Owner button into our website.

Is an Availability Calendar provided on your site?

Yes. Our service to you includes a full online availability calendar which you can edit at your convenience. You can also use your calendar on your other sites and listings, so you have only one calendar to update.

Can I link to my web site from your listing?

Yes. In the body of your main property description, you can reference and create a link to your own website. We are also able to provide a prominent and clickable link on the top of your listing if you provide a link back to our website on yours.